Rex’s TV Spot

Before the Dinosaur
Till the End of Time… Real Estate!

Allow me to introduce my- self. My name is REX, T-REX. I’ve seen a lot of changes over the past 65 Million Years and now I’m ready to unveil my encouraging and sage advise.

In my day, there were no banks, government, tax or Vanguard 500 Index fund! Just Real Estate. Real Estate belonged to the Big, Strong and Fearless, naturally, they were King.

Today, you need not be big, strong, fearless, healthy, wealthy or wise to own real estate. No genius required.

Home equity is the largest part of personal wealth for 90% of all Americans.  This confirms: Investment, like charity, begins at Home.

My brother, DINO, moved to Hollywood years ago.  He said “California is the fifth largest economy in the world and the population increased 13.6% in only 10 years.” (2000 US Census) He said “People all across the nation and all over the world are dreaming of moving here!” DINO calls it “California Dreaming” ® says it’s really getting out of control.

DINO and I have seen very big companies come and Go. We find the stock market frightening!Naturally,  Real Estate is our only way!

Based on the above essential information, REX’s sage advice to you is:
1.  Forget the stock.
2. Buy Real Estate
3. Investment, like charity, begins at home.
4. Diana Cook and California Dreaming® equal an Unsurpassable Synergy.

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